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Halloween 2020 Covid Safety Tricks Denver: Treat Yourself to a Good Time October 31

Halloween is around the corner, but many have been left wondering whether we should even bother breaking out the cobwebbed candy bowl with our spooky decorations on All Hallow’s Eve. Coronavirus has forced numerous closures and cancellations since March, which begs the question....Will there be Trick-or-Treaters this year, or is that cancelled too? Don't be frightened, Halloween (and Trick-or-Treating) is not cancelled this year for the Metro area, it is just going to look a little different.

“Halloween 2020 will be unlike any other in recent history. We’re dealing with a global pandemic. And for most of us, it means uncertain times. But if we are careful, if we maintain proper social distancing, if we wear our face coverings and use sanitizer, we can maintain a little bit of our traditions and enjoy a fun evening with loved ones,” according to Robert McDonald, Executive Director of DDPHE and Denver’s Public Health Administrator. (KDVR).

Colorado is turning to Covid friendly alternatives in lieu of more traditional activities this season, and below are a few tricks to keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe while passing out the treats on Halloween night.

  1. Always wash hands before and after someone arrives at your home. According to CBSLocal, Denver Officials have deemed passing out candy as a “low-risk activity.” However, germs can still be transmitted via close contact with others so make sure to sanitize your hands in between parties knocking at your door.

  2. Masks aren’t only a great way to keep those terrifying germs away, but a horrifying addition to any Halloween Costume and they are encouraged while you creak open your doors October 31.

  3. Consider using a plastic sliding device or cardboard tube to pass out candy in a fun, safe way that limits hand to hand contact. It is encouraged that bowls are not left out for people to reach into themselves, but instead candy is laid out separately and spaced out individually.

  4. Don’t forget- disinfect doorbells and knobs at the end of the evening!

If you are looking for a way to enjoy Halloween while socially distancing yourself at home, but you do not want to pass out candy, consider a backyard candy scavenger hunt.

Local community centers, churches and libraries have scheduled Trunk or Treating events in the days leading up to Halloween, which offer an opportunity to get the feel of trick or treating, in a smaller, more socially distanced environment. The City of Englewood is offering Free Trunk-or-Treat Time Slots to lessen groups and allow families to celebrate in a safe way. This takes place October 24 and is open to the public; however, you must register for a time slot prior to arrival.

You can register for your own trunk-or-treat time slot at

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